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The Plan

With this blog, I intend to attempt to somehow cyberly psycho-analyze my personal recollections from past and present experiences in order to redeem myself from the self-sabotage that has made me less than what I wanted to become. Or as most of you will put it: bitch about my life. As I write, it may sometimes seem as if I wish I were dealt a different hand of cards but this, I assure you, is far from the truth. Even though I am nothing like the person that I thought I would be, I am still grateful for the small blessings that God has granted me. I am able to love myself and everyone around me. And no matter what, I always fall asleep and wake up with a smile on my face. Writing is something that I have always used as a tool for mental stability and that is how I will use it here. So if your criticism is not constructive, save it for your own blog!


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