The Plan

With this blog, I intend to attempt to somehow cyberly psycho-analyze my personal recollections from past and present experiences in order to redeem myself from the self-sabotage that has made me less than what I wanted to become. Or as most of you will put it: bitch about my life. As I write, it may sometimes seem as if I wish I were dealt a different hand of cards but this, I assure you, is far from the truth. Even though I am nothing like the person that I thought I would be, I am still grateful for the small blessings that God has granted me. I am able to love myself and everyone around me. And no matter what, I always fall asleep and wake up with a smile on my face. Writing is something that I have always used as a tool for mental stability and that is how I will use it here. So if your criticism is not constructive, save it for your own blog!


New Toy!

We traded for a bigger badder beast.. I am not disappointed! I wanted a P95 but this will work…
Look out zombies…. we are ready.


She is delicious!  Matching aftermarket grips, holster, and extended mags. Mmm.. it’s good… Thanks babe, you know how to make a woman smile!


We have been together for 4 years now…. I didn’t even realize that our anniversary (July 17) had passed until yesterday… I think he didn’t realize it either but he still subconsciously got me a present.. our new friend…. meet Mister poofy smoke! Still working on the name.

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